Concord Crew Keeps on Rowing

As the club editor here at, you wouldn’t expect me to be writing about a sport, but Concord Crew is in fact a club, the Concord Rowing Club. The reason it’s a club is because there aren’t enough competitive crew teams in Delaware for it to be considered a sport. With that distinction comes disadvantages - they receive little to no funding from the school and they have to travel far for competitions around the Mid Atlantic.

They raise money through fundraisers like Chick-fil-a and car washes at the Exxon gas station at Foulk and Silverside. Right now they’re trying to raise money for a new boat, which costs “$12,000-20,000, just for a used one” says junior Lillian Taylor (pictured bottom row, fourth from the left). She is the senior varsity coxswain of the boys crew team. A coxswain (pronounced kahk-sen) is the person in the back of the boat who controls the rudder and talks into a microphone to keep the rhythm and motivate the rest of the team.

Now you may wonder how a girl fits into a team of guys. Well, the answer depends on who you talk to. Lillian thinks she’s an “unsung hero” and acknowledges that “it’s hard to relate to other teammates.” Alec Augustine (pictured top row, second from the left), a junior on Lillian’s team, sees no problem. “She’s just like the rest of us,” he said. Nevertheless, Concord Crew remains one of the only sports in Concord where boys and girls can play on the same team. That’s not to say there isn’t some separation though. The boy’s and girl’s crew teams practice separately, yet there is definite shared team spirit - they always cheer for each other come regatta time.

Talking to Alec and Lillian, one gets a keen sense that this is a tight knit group. Alec described how he joined crew “to make friends, since this was a new school for me and my brother did it when he went here.” Concord Crew is actively recruiting. This year they have around 30 members.

In the spring and fall, the coaches set up in the cafeteria and team members go around recruiting. Lillian recommends going to Rowing Camp in the summer where you learn the basics of rowing from Concord coaches and members of the varsity team. Many camp participants go on to join the team. Since it was founded in 2002, they have continued to become more and more competitive in regattas. One thing is obvious, however, and that’s that Concord Crew is on the way up!

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Concord Rowing Club Facts:

Best Time to Join: Spring or Fall

Cost to participate: $550 (financial aid is available), pays for membership with the Wilmington Rowing Club, launches and motors

Competitions: Head of the Schuylkill, Head of the Christina, Navy Day, Stotesbury Cup and more!


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