About us

The Concord News Site Club was founded in 2016 by Connor Wagaman (Chief Editor) and Dhruv Mohnot (Assistant Editor). Noah Haines (Sports Editor) and Alex Russo (Clubs Editor) were the first editors. The site is the first student-hosted, student-run, student-designed school news site in Delaware.

The first student-hosted, student-run, student-designed news site in the First State​

The school website did not contain news and current information, so ConcordHS.xyz was created to change that. Concord High School also no longer had a newspaper club, so the following mission began:

  1. Create a school website with current news and information
  2. Create a newspaper for the Digital Age
  3. Make the website easy to use on mobile devices

Only time will tell if all of these goals are accomplished -- this club was only made official on Feb. 19, 2016.

If you are interested in joining the staff of ConcordHS.xyz (and if you attend Concord High School), contact us at join@concordhs.xyz. From there, you will receive instructions for how to join. As of now, reporters and photographers especially need to be filled.

You can also for updates on new articles and sports results.