BREAKING: Proposed Cuts If Referendum Fails

Last week, Brandywine School District employees were notified of the proposed cuts to the budget that would occur if the revised referendum fails on May 17. reporters have seen and examined the email sent by Superintendent Mark Holodick to staff. There had been rumors that cuts would include teachers; however it would now appear that most of those cuts will be supplemented by retirements and resignations. Nevertheless, the cuts that are being proposed are significant.

The Superintendent and his executive team will present the cuts to the School Board tonight, Apr. 19. The School Board will review the cuts and make its final decision at a meeting expected to be scheduled for May 9. Shortly thereafter, but before the Referendum, staff being laid off will be notified. The proposed cuts include cutting at least 10 deans of students, 3 high school counselors, 5 reading specialists, and 3 secondary librarian positions (remaining librarians will be shared among middle and high schools).

Cuts are also proposed to the number of interventionists and administrative assistants. District Office will also see support staff cut, as well as the potential for administrator cuts when their contracts expire in December.

Perhaps what will be the most visible and controversial cuts are the cuts to Extra Pay for Extra Responsibility (EPERS) programs. This is the extra money that teachers receive for advising a club or program. There would be a 40% cut to EPERS funding, which would lead to the elimination of many EPERS clubs and programs. All non-Varsity sports would be eliminated as well, in addition to after school activity buses.

Finally, there will be a 25% cut to the district budget and 15% cut to the building budget. Keep in mind, though, that these cuts are a proposal and must undergo School Board approval where they could and very likely will be amended. But most importantly, go out and vote on May 17!

The district refused further requests for comment until after the School Board has heard and deliberated the plan tonight. The article will be updated with any future statements they make in regards to the budget cuts as a result of the referendum failure.